National Capital Area Society for Public Health Education (NCA SOPHE) is a professional organization for Health Educators and other Public Health Practitioners. NCA SOPHE is an official chapter of the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) and is working to implement SOPHE’S Strategic Plan.

NCA SOPHE’s goal is to be one of the leading public health platforms for health education in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia Region. Whether you are a student, Health Educator, Nurse, Doctor, Health Promotion and Wellness Specialist, Health Advocacy Specialist or another type of public health professional that supports health education, NCA SOPHE is here to help you link your professional goals to the public health industry. The National Capital Area Society for Public Health Education’s goal is to provide updated resources and information to assist in developing our members’ professional skills. What makes NCA SOPHE unique from other professional public health organizations in the area is our commitment to focus on bridging the gap between health education and public health.

Health educators are making a positive contribution in our communities every day. NCA SOPHE members are committed to be a part of this work, one person at a time; and one community at a time through health education. NCA SOPHE wants you to join and get involved! We need your support, volunteered leadership, professional expertise, collaboration, ideas and passion to build effective public health education platforms. Members can get involved on one of NCA SOPHE’s committees, host a webinar, help organize a project or social event, contribute news to the website, lead a health education program, share your professional success and much more. It’s your voice that matters in helping to change the future of health education.



Karen W. Stewart, MPH, MCHES, CIC

President, NCA SOPHE

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The Special Events Committee will develop a yearly calendar of member events that will expand professional knowledge and networks. We will also collaborate with other committees to identify events that could meet member needs, and