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Continuing Education Committee Information


Responsible for developing policy and program recommendations for continuing education programs (webinars and trainings) and for working collaboratively with the other committees to implement program recommendations.

2020-2021 Strategies:
  • Provide regular CE events to members throughout the year.

  • Increase the amount of timely useful information to members including webinars, trainings, and certification information.


  • Certifications/Trainings: 

    • Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

      • In order to sit for the CHES, you must have a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree from an accredited institution of higher education; and one of the following:

      • An official transcript that clearly shows a major in health education

      • An official transcript that reflects at least 25 semester hours with specific preparation addressing the Seven Areas of Responsibility and Competency for Health Education Specialists.

      • Full eligibility details: 

    • Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES):

      • If you’ve been working in health education for a while and wish to move to the next level in your career, you may want to consider getting your MCHES. This is the second of two very popular public health certifications offered by The National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc (NCHEC) and indicates advanced-level professional competency in the field of health education.

    • Certified in Public Health (CPH):

      • You must be a student or a graduate of a CEPH-accredited school.

      • You must be able to demonstrate five years of public health work experience.

      • Full eligibility details: 

    • Certified Public Health Administrator (CPHA): 

      • The CPHA certification is the recognition by the Public Health Practitioner Certification Board that an individual has acquired and demonstrated competency in the areas established as essential to meeting the professional category within the public health workforce.

    • Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality 

    • American College of Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

    • Public Health Nursing

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