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Historical Archives & Memory Committee Information


This committee keeps a general record of the chapter's accomplishments and activities, and maintains historical records of the organization.  It also maintains communications with past leaders and members of the organization for purposes of “historical memory”, and coordinates maintenance of records with the National SOPHE Office.  The Committee is led by the Chapter historian, and (ideally) needs 2-3 additional members.

Goals for 2021:
  • Conduct an inventory of available historical records, including photographs.  

  • Make digital copies of records, and arrange with the National Office for storage of paper records for safekeeping.  

  • Consult with staff in the National office regarding contact information of past Chapter leaders and initiate communications with them to obtain any records they may have.  

  • Create a brief narrative history of the Chapter for inclusion on the Chapter’s website.  

  • Establish a system for Chapter leaders to use to archive materials from current activities.  

  • Anticipated time commitment: 2 hours per month or less.

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